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~10 Things about me~
1- I would love to have a otaku friend or friends at school.
2- My favorite Vocaloids are Rin & Len Kagamine (don't make me choose between those two)
3- Almost bought the Wii just to play Naruto Shippuden Clash of Ninja Revolution III o_o too long
4- I need to start doing my homework ¬¬ probably will end up leaving it for the last moment.
5- My favorite anime of all times is Inuyasha n_n
6- I'm never satisfied with my draws, writtens, etc.
7- I don't like leaving things unfinished but still do.
8- When I was younger I used to play that we were wizards with my cousins, I miss that u_u
9- I usually look for romantic genres with as much comedy as possible, but I also like when the psycological thrillers or any other with an interesting plot
10- I like to hear J-pop and J-rock


1. What do you think about the 2P!Versions?
I don't know much, just England's and America's but they are kind of creepy o_e in the good way ;)

2. What is you favourite character of the 2Ps?
As I don't know much, America n_nU

3. What do you think about The Boss Spain.
I did not pay much attention to him, but I really liked him on the anime, and I see him as one of the sweetest (with Romano :3) and funniest characters of the show.

4. For you, who is perfect for France? (Like a couple of course and don't necessarily have to be a country).
I cannot think of anyone better than Canada (I know there are but I can only imagine those two) n_n

5. What do you think about France?
I think that he is a very funny pervert who I like to use for romantic triangles ¬w¬ hehe

6. Do you like the Nyo!Versions?
Nyo!yes!! nwn They are simply cute, but I clearly rather watching the originals x3

7. HungaryxAustria or HungaryxPrussia?
While watching the anime I was between those two, but at the end... HungaryxAustria ♥

8. For you, Is Sealand a country?
Yeah, a microcountry!! :3

9. You think Argentina would be male or female?
I like it both ways, but I think it would be better as female as its name is feminine... otherwise, I don't know.

10. Who is perfect for Argentina?
Chile!! n_n I also like with Uk, but the relationship with Chile is undoubtly the best (and also because I rather USUK ¬w¬)

~New Questions~

1. Which is your favorite character of Hetalia? nwn
2. Which country would you like to see, or to have more appearences on the anime? ^_^
3. Favorite anime of all times?
4. What kind of genres do you usually look for?
5. How you know Hetalia?
6. Which is your favourite couple of Hetalia? (yaoi is not necessary, even if it is almost impossible x3)
7. Which character do you hate the most (if not, which one you like less) of Hetalia?
8. What anime crossover with Hetalia would you like to watch or which two characters would you like to meet?
9. What do you think of the Fem!Versions?
10. Last question!! hurray!! Choose a character you would like to meet *_* (I not guarantee anything)

I tag (sorry u_uU):

:icon8-brit-chan-8: :iconlobeck: :iconneko-chan-nyu: :iconinugirl08: :iconxnature-lightx: :icontenshi-no-hikari: :iconfiori-party: :iconvtophya: :iconmikagx: :iconanimegurl10119:


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